Our TRIAL PASS is the best place to start as it allows you to try up to 10 Classes over a 14 day period. Get my TRIAL PASS.

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Not at all! The majority of people that walk through our doors for the first time have no prior experience in Gymnastics. Our coaches and community are warm and welcoming and most of our classes cater to people of all levels, experience, and ability. All you need is some enthusiasm, some energy, a smile, and be willing to have fun along the way!

We generally recommend choosing any of our Stretch, Prehab (HIPprehab, SHOULDERprehab) or BASEstrong Classes. Our Prehab Classes look to safely develop strength and stability around a joint to support safe movement through a full range, whereas our BASEstrong Classes focus on fundamental bodyweight strength exercises (including upper body, lower body and core) and are another great place to start. Once you have attended your first class our Coaches will then be able to provide you with greater direction moving forwards or answer any questions you may have.
Read more about our different class types HERE.

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your first class. This will allow us time to show you around and for you to complete your new client form. Please also ensure you wear clothing you are comfortable moving around in (we train in bare feet or socks to protect our floors). You MUST bring your own full-sized sweat towel and water bottle. No Towel. No Class. No Exceptions. We also recommend bringing a spare T-shirt if you want to complete a second class, and an extra towel if you wish to shower after class.

Yes – class bookings are essential as we do cap our class sizes to suit our space and for quality coaching purposes. The majority of our classes are currently capped at 20 people per class.

If you can no longer attend a class that you have booked, we ask that you un-book yourself from the class at your earliest convenience as this will allow someone else to fill your place. You can un-book from a class at any time via the Falsegrip App. Please note that we do have a 4-hour late cancellation window – any cancellations within 4 hours of a class will see one of your class credits forfeited (for Trial Passes and Class Passes).

In line with our WHS Policy and to allow you to get the most out of your time on the blue mat, we are unable to allow anyone to join the class after the first 10 minutes. We warm up before each and every class and make the safety of those participating in classes a priority.

KINSTRETCH™ is described by it’s founder, Dr. Andreo Spina, as “A movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion.” 

Think of it as a challenging, full-body training session for joint mobility. Learn more about KINSTRETCH™ HERE.

Our HANDSTANDone class is an intermediate level class and as such requires a foundation of reasonable upper body strength (particularly shoulder strength, mobility and stability) and core strength. If you have never done a Handstand before, or are very new to Handstands, we recommend first starting with a SHOULDERprehab or BASEstrong class. These classes will allow you to gain an initial understanding as to whether your body is ready to safely participate in a HANDSTANDone class. Our Coaches can also provide you with further guidance after these classes.

Our HANDSTANDtwo class is an advanced class. Approval must be sought from one of the coaches before attending and certain pre-requisites are expected be met to participate in this class.

Our TUMBLINGone class is an intermediate level class. In order to get the most out of this class and to be able to participate fully, we recommend that you meet the following prerequisites: be capable of kicking into a handstand, be comfortable performing a forward roll on the floor. This class is not for the faint-hearted and also demands good body awareness and overall strength, stability and conditioning. Many of our other classes will prepare you to begin your Tumbling journey if you’re not quite ready to start right away.

Our TUMBLINGtwo class is an advanced class. Approval must be sought from one of the coaches before attending and certain pre-requisites are expected be met to participate in this class.

Absolutely! Falsegrip is all about living an active lifestyle and will compliment any other sport or physical activity you do. Many of our Members are regularly involved in swimming, surfing, Rock Climbing, CrossFit, various forms of Martial Arts, Running, Pilates and Yoga. Alternatively, you can also use Falsegrip as a stand-alone form of movement training. The approach we apply to our training at Falsegrip will allow you to gain more Mobility, Strength & Skill which will well equip you for just about anything an active life throws at you.

You can find all the details of our Membership options HERE. If there is anything you’d like further information on please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]


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$20 for 21 Days
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