You have to earn your body.

There are no shortcuts. Hard work, dedication & consistency are your most effective tools on the path towards success.

The wide variety of classes we offer will ensure you are able to re-build your entire body from the ground up.

Our Classes

Intro to gymnastics strength training

Level: Beginner
New to Falsegrip? This class is specifically for first timers and offers explanations of basic exercises, body positions, terminology all while taking you through a light training session. We recommend you attend this class at least once.


Level: Beginner - Advanced
Here we focus on our most fundamental strength and mobility exercises. Expect a lot of core work and a high volume session. This class is suitable for our beginners as well as our more seasoned athletes.


Level: Beginner - Advanced
Rather than wait until after an injury occurred to perform rehabilitation exercises we use ‘Prehabilitation’ to bulletproof the body ahead of time so as to maintain mobility, achieve structural balance, and lower the risk for injury.

With a focus on either your Hips, Shoulders or Spine, we move the joints through their full ranges of motion using low load and high reps in order to promote blood flow to the desired area, thus helping increase the rate at which the connective tissues, tendons, and ligaments adapt and strengthen.


Level: Beginner - Advanced
Who has time for stretching? We do! Mobility, flexibility and strength work hand in hand when it comes to gymnastics strength training. Our Stretch Classes take a slower pace where we work on reducing neural tension and incorporating the breath in order to release tightness in the body and increasing range of motion.

Handstand Fundamentals

Level: Beginner - Advanced
No experience necessary. This class is designed to develop your core, shoulder strength and mobility required to achieve the fundamental building blocks for a handstand. 


Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Develop strength and mobility throughout your body. At Falsegrip we can take anyone from an absolute beginner to an experienced athlete and develop their strength, mobility, endurance and flexibility through a continuous training cycle. We believe these Foundation exercises are extremely important in order to progressively build your strength and mobility for more complex movements in advanced gymnastics training.

Handstand Conditioning

Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Anyone can get strong while standing on their own two feet, we prefer to gain our staggering upper body strength while standing on our hands. Designed to improve your strength and endurance while being inverted, your shoulders and wrists will steadily become more mobile and stronger than you ever imagined!


Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Our conditioning classes are designed to challenge your strength and endurance through a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) styled class. Working on a high rep basis, which maximises blood flow to the joints and connective tissue, we recommend this class once a week to maximize your recovery and get a serious sweat on!

Rings 1

Level: Advanced
The single greatest tool ever made for developing upper body strength.
Begin the journey to building extreme strength by working on basic ring strength elements. Before you jump on a pair of gymnastic rings, you need to be 100% sure your joints, especially your elbows, are ready for it which is why we require certain pre-requisites to be met prior to attending these classes. Click on the class descriptions on our Timetable for more info on our prerequisites.

Handstand Technique

Level: Advanced
Here we delve a little deeper into handstand balance, entry and alignment. Learn how to use your fingers to aid hand balancing and keep your core engaged while inverted.