SUN 01 – SAT 07
AUG, 2021

SUN 08 – SAT 14
AUG, 2021

SUN 15 – SAT 21
AUG, 2021

SUN 22 – SAT 28
AUG, 2021

WEEk 3


GOAL: Complete 6 training/exercises sessions during the week.

This could be following an online Falsegrip session, going for a run, swim, ride or walk or any form of physical exercise that keeps you moving for a minimum of 45mins.


GOAL: Cut out Processed foods

This week we’re aiming to eat only whole foods. Whole foods are those that are in their natural state with no processing, manufacturing or additives.

Keep up your daily serves of fruit and veg, have 4 days alcohol-free days and aim to keep sugar intake low to zero again too.


GOAL: 7.5 hours sleep each night.

We’re going to maintain our 7.5 hours sleep but to increase sleep quality, we’re going to turn off all devices, eg. Phones, tablets, TV’s at least 30min before bedtime.

Keep your consistent sleep/wake times during the week too.


GOAL: Drink 2L of water each day + 1 glass of water with lime juice.

We’re coming back to a minimum of 2L of water daily for this week.  Upon waking, drink a 250ml glass of water with the juice of lime squeeze into it. This can count toward your 2L.


GOAL: Get your 20 mins of sun in a natural environment.

We’re fortunate on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to be surrounded by National Parks and pristine beaches, so this should be easy. Make it part of a bushwalk or a dip in the ocean. Exposure on your face, arms, legs and as much of your torso as possible.


GOAL: 2 sessions x 5 minutes of Box Breathing each day.

Twice a day, take 5 mins just for you and breathe.
Aim to keep your two breathwork sessions at least 4-hours apart. Sit or lay with your eyes close in a quiet spot and set a timer or follow along with a video like the one below.