SUN 01 – SAT 07
AUG, 2021

SUN 08 – SAT 14
AUG, 2021

SUN 15 – SAT 21
AUG, 2021

SUN 22 – SAT 28
AUG, 2021

WEEk 2


GOAL: Complete 6 training/exercises sessions during the week.

This could be following an online Falsegrip session, going for a run, swim, ride or walk or any form of physical exercise that keeps you moving for a minimum of 45mins.


GOAL: Cut Sugar.

Yes, all of it.
This may mean checking the ingredients on packaging and staying away from the sweet treats.
Our one exception will be natural honey – this could be used as a sweetener in tea, etc.

Keep up your daily serves of fruit and veg and have 4 days alcohol-free days from Week 1.


GOAL: 7.5 hours sleep each night.

We’re going to increase our sleep time by 30 mins.
Remember, this is time you’re asleep, not total hours spent in bed. Stay consistent with sleep/wake times during the week too, so if you’re starting your day at the same time, you’ll need to be in bed half an hour earlier.


GOAL: Drink 3L of water each day.

We’ve increased our water consumption target by a 1L.
You can still drink tea or coffee, just don’t include them in the 3L. 


GOAL: Get your 20 mins of sunl in a natural environment.

We’re fortunate on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to be surrounded by National Parks and pristine beaches, so this should be easy. Make it part of a bushwalk or a dip in the ocean. Exposure on your face, arms, legs and as much of your torso as possible.


GOAL: 2 sessions x 5 minutes of Box Breathing each day.

Twice a day, take 5 mins just for you and breathe.
Aim to keep your two breathwork sessions at least 4-hours apart. Sit or lay with your eyes close in a quiet spot and set a timer or follow along with a video like the one below.