SUN 01 – SAT 07
AUG, 2021

SUN 08 – SAT 14
AUG, 2021

SUN 15 – SAT 21
AUG, 2021

SUN 22 – SAT 28
AUG, 2021



GOAL: Complete 6 training/exercises sessions during the week.

This could be following an online Falsegrip session, going for a run, swim, ride or walk or any form of physical exercise that keeps you moving for a minimum of 45mins.


GOAL: Eat a minimum of 3 serves of fruit and vegetables per day and have at least 4 alcohol-free days. 

Diversity is the aim here. Try to consume many different types of fruits and vegetables and make your plate as colourful as possible. Enjoy a drink in moderation but keep 4 days each week alcohol-free.
There is a non-alcoholic drinks store in Freshwater with loads of great alternative options:


GOAL: Get a minimum of 7 hours sleep each night with consistent sleep/wake times.

Sleep time is time that you’re actually asleep, not total hours spent in bed, so factor in some time to fall asleep when setting your sleep and wake times. Aim to got to sleep and wake up at the same time each day/night to reset your Circadian Rhythm, your 24-hour body clock. 
Blue light blocking glasses can help negate the effects of late-night screen time:


GOAL: Drink a minimum of 2L of water each day.

This one is easy. Simply consume at least 2L of water daily. You can still drink tea or coffee, just don’t include them in the 2L. Even better if you can drink filtered water. There are some great countertop water purifiers available that remove all the nasties in tap water.


GOAL: Spend a minimum of 20 minutes in direct sunlight each day.

The winter chill may make some days easier than others for this one. Aim to get sun exposure on your face, arms, legs and as much of your torso as possible… can be combined with a salt-water dip for added benefits.


GOAL: Complete 5 minutes of Box Breathing each day.

Box Breathing, also known as four-square-breathing, is a simple breathwork technique that involves inhaling to a four-count; holding your lungs full for a four-count; exhaling to a four-count; holding your lungs empty for a four-count; then beginning the pattern anew.
Sit or lay with your eyes close in a quiet spot and set a timer or follow along with a video like the one below.